Get Involved in our Schools!

There are many ways to get involved, from volunteering in the classroom, to helping in the school gardens, to making a pledge donation, to attending a field trip, to volunteering at Much Ado About Sebastopol. For in-classroom activity, talk to your teachers directly.

Sebastopol Education Foundation – Parent Connection is the fundraising and volunteer group for our school district.

Our mission is two-fold:

1. To support Brook Haven and Park Side financially through a variety of fundraising activities

2. To build a stronger school community by bringing families together and organizing school events

SEF-PC meets the first Wednesday of every month from 6-9pm, alternating the location between the Brook Haven Library or Park Side Multi-Purpose Room. Please join us! Bring your ideas and enthusiasm for helping our schools become even better.

SEF-PC is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization. In the 2013-14 school year, we distributed over $58,000 to Brook Haven and Park Side Schools. The money raised supports student enrichment (including art, music, drama, counseling, Spanish, sports equipment), field trips and classroom supplies at Brook Haven and Park Side schools.

Our signature event is Much Ado About Sebastopol, a Renaissance Faire that takes place each September. “Much Ado” has become a well-loved community event, in addition to being our major fundraiser of the year. Other fundraising programs include Pledge, eScrip, Mombo’s to Mombo’s, the Johnny Downer Memorial Concert and our business partnerships.

SEF-PC also helps organize or support district-wide events such as International Walk & Roll to School Day, the Stargazing Party, and the holiday-timed Original Works program, where your child’s artwork can be transferred onto mugs, cards and more.

Many other school events and activities are organized within each school by dedicated staff, families and community members. Every year there are science fairs, movie nights, bingo, family dances, skate nights, book fairs, and talent shows. In recent years great events like Passport Day and Kids Can College have also taken place.

2015-2016 MEETINGS

September 2 – Park Side MPR

October 7 – Brook Haven Library

November 4 – Park Side MPR

December 2 – Brook Haven Library

January 6 – Park Side MPR

February 3 – Brook Haven Library

March 2 – Park Side MPR

April 6 – Brook Haven Library

May 4 – Park Side MPR

June 1 – Brook Haven Library