CASTLE Preschool and After School Program
Preschool Facility License #49 3005602

7601 Huntley St.
Sebastopol, CA 95472

Dot Cramer, Director

8:00 Preschool Room Opens – Free Choice for Early Birds

9:30 Preschool begins with Circle Time

10:00 Wash hands/Snack (Castle provides a.m. snack)

10:15 Outside Playground: i.e. sand box, play structure, tricycles

11:00 Activity Time: Small group teacher directed learning activity using the theme of the week plus the letter of the week.

11:15 Choice of Activities: Blocks, Art, Dramatic Play, Manipulatives, Fine Motor skills

11:45 Story Time

12:00 Pick up for *Preschool Only* children, Hand-washing

12:05 Lunch

12:30 Outside Play

1:00 Bathroom turns and “Book Look” Pick up for “Lunch Bunch” children

1:15 Rest Time for Nappers (rm 28)/Story, music, stretching, group game for Non-resters (rm 25)

1:45 Quiet free play, group game for Non-resters

2:45 Music and story in Room 25, Resters wake up

3:00 Free play inside

3:45 Snack (from child’s lunch box)

4:00 Outside Play

4:45 Story, Game, end-of-day wrap-up

5:00 Choice of activities

5:30 Preschool Closes