BH1 bright

Brook Haven School 5-8
7905 Valentine Ave.
Sebastopol CA 95472

Debbie Hanks Principal

Ludecea Nunis, Office Manager

6th Grade Flag Football (Mid-September through Mid-October)
7th/8th Grade Flag Football (Mid-September through Late-October)
6th Grade Basketball (Late-October through Mid-December)
7th/8th Grade Basketball (Early-January through Late-February)

7th/8th Grade Girls Basketball (Mid-September through Late-October)
6th Grade Volleyball (Late-October through Mid-December)
7th/8th Grade Volleyball (Early March through Early April)
6th Grade Basketball (Mid-April through Late May)

We don’t post the game and practice schedules on the web page because middle school games and practices are subject to many schedule changes.  Coaches distribute schedules and players should be able to tell parents the practice times.  Parents are always welcome to phone the school office if there are questions.

Our athletic director is our PE teacher, Gail Marsh.  She can be reached via email at

In the 6th grade we have a “no-cut” philosophy and do our best to assure that everyone gets to participate.  The 7th and 8th grade programs may or may not include tryouts and a limited numbers of spaces on teams.

All players are required to sign a Sports Participation Contract before they will be assigned to a team.

In order to participate in after-school sports, a student must maintain a C average with no F grades, as well as having an acceptable behavior record.  Students must be responsible and attend all practices and games unless arrangements are made in advance with individual coaches.  Students may be required to “try-out” for a team and must attend all assessment clinics in order to be considered for a team.  Good sportsmanship and a positive attitude are critical to a team’s success and it is expected that all players will behave in a way that reflects well upon their school and community.

There is a nominal charge per student per sport, to cover some costs; however, the majority of the costs are being paid by the Sebastopol Educational Foundation.